Saturday, September 10, 2011

JAMAICA!!: Part 6

OOPS!!........I've had this post done for a while and just realized I never posted it. Here is the final post from our vacation in July.

Friday and Saturday
This is where we ate breakfast every morning- after we got up when we darn well felt like it! NOT when we were woken up by an alarm clock or by a 4 year old asking for breakfast!

We managed to get a few workouts in while we were there. This is something we really enjoy doing together, but rarely get to do. This little gym was pretty nice, but there was no air conditioning so it was HOT!!

We got dressed up and went to eat at a nice dinner every single night too. Something else we enjoy doing together, but don't get a chance to do very often.

Friday night before dinner we stopped to take a picture with the amazing landscaping. Everything was so beautiful!

One of the restaurants in the resort.

My dinner.....YUMMY!!!

Our last night. We really missed the kids, but were sad that our week was coming to an end.

Saturday morning before we left, we had to take a picture with this sign. "Soon Come Back"!

.........and we will.......come back! Well maybe not to this exact place, but we decided we should definitely not wait 10 year to do something like this again.

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