Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday to Our GIrl!!

9 years ago today God gave us this AMAZING girl who made us parents for the first time! We are so PROUD of what a sweet, smart, funny, kind, responsible, loving, AMAZING girl she is. 

 She actually had her party last weekend. (I"ll post pictures soon) We waited for today on her actual birthday to give her gifts from the family. 

We let her open one before church.  It was earrings!  She has been asking to get her ears pierced for a long time and we had told her she would probably have to be 10. So I think she was surprised when she opened them and we told her we were taking her after church to get them pierced. (I'll post pictures of that soon too!)

After church she got to choose where we ate lunch and she chose Panera Bread. Then we went to Claire's to get her ears pierced, then home to open the rest of her gifts. 

Her brothers got her these pink Legos she has been asking for.

 The grandparents went in with us and got her an Ipod touch which she thinks she has been "dying" to get.

Do you think she was a little excited???

 This picture cracks me up. I guess her excitement was contagious!

She even did a "Happy Dance" for the grandparents who were watching by Skype.

We got a cookie from the bakery at Panera Bread to put a candle in since we had her cake last weekend.

         Here is our 9 year old with her birthday tree. 

 Happy Birthday sweet Hollace!! We LOVE you SOOOOOO much!


Larry said...

Love the pictures, wish we could have been there. Can't believe how grown up she is!

Janice said...

She keeps getting prettier and prettier!!! Love that girl!!

Anonymous said...

like her pretty legs, gave me a throbbing hard on.

Anonymous said...

like to fuck her.