Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Whirlwind Catch Up

Wow, I am seriously behind! I could make excuses, but I'll just try to catch up.

Our kids' school was the last one to get out around here for the summer. They didn't get out until June 3rd and it seemed there was no break before all the summer madness started!
Here they are on the last day of school.

 Hollace left for church camp the day after they got out of school. It was her first time to go to overnight camp.
 I really wasn't worried about her. I knew she'd have a great time and she did!
 The first full week of summer was CRAZY! Every day started at 8:30 with Rhett going to tennis camp. Then we were off to take Hollace to swim team practice at 9:00-9:45. We went back to pick Rhett up at 10:00, then straight to the boys' swimming lessons at 10:30. I felt like we all needed a nap before it was even lunch time.

Rhett won the award for "Camper of the Day"on Tuesday out of about 100 kids. So proud of him! He LOVED tennis camp.

 Here are a few of the boys at swim lessons.
Thad improved so much over the week.
 Rhett is a good swimmer already, but I thought some extra practice on the strokes would be good for him.

 This picture cracks me up!

Here they are with Coach Ian. He is Hollace's swim team coach too!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and does sound like a whirlwind. Hilary - what did you do for fun!! Rhett will have to play tennis with Uncle Scott and teach us a few things! love you all

Janice said...

Sounds very busy! What fun!