Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Busy Bee

Hollace has been so busy already this fall. She is probably involved in too much, and that's with her eliminating a few other things she really wanted to do. I'm glad she likes to be active and enjoys so many things, but it means a LOT of time in the car for us!:)

A few weekends ago she participated in a 5K in Greenwood to raise money for a boy at their school to get a Diabetic alert dog. It was her first race, but she stayed with her teacher and classmates. They didn't run and I think they were actually the last ones to cross the finish line. Their class won a pizza party for raising the most money though.
 It was a color run so she got sprayed with kool-aid along the way.

She is playing volleyball again this season. 
(I can't get over those legs)

 She has improved quite a bit since the Spring season. She got about 10 points for her team on their last game.  Most of them were from serves that they didn't return. 

She is quite the little fashionista and loves to pick out her outfit for school each evening. This was actually hat day, but don't miss the silver high tops and neon yellow suspenders!

With some of her buddies at a birthday party.
 She started taking Hip Hop in September. She was so excited to start and was counting down the days until it started. This was on her first day of class.

She LOVES to read and has a book open almost any chance she gets. 
(This was one evening at the tennis courts. Brent and I went to play for a little bit. The boys usually play on the ipad or something, but they were grounded from video games this day.)

The little busy bee is also doing theater at UAFS this fall and is still on the swim team.
Between her activities and football and soccer, I feel like we live in the van! I'm grateful they are able to enjoy all those activities and so thankful that I'm able to be the one to drive them all over town every day!:)


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to running her around! she is busy. Happy Birthday, Hilary!. LOVE YOU ALL, GRAMMY

Janice said...

I am so proud of that beautiful little girl (who isn't so little anymore!!) She is so beautiful and talented. She is your little "Minnie Me".