Friday, November 22, 2013

Ireland: Part 3

I thought I would post a few pictures of some of the yummy food and restaurants we experienced in Ireland.
This is Brent with Dr. Hunton at a really nice restaurant we ate at the first night.

 Here we are with Dr. Hunton and his wife, Terri. They brought their lucky daughter, Tori, who is in med-school, along. We had a great time with them during the week.
One day we ate lunch at Johnnie Fox's Pub. It was outside the city in a really beautiful area. Supposedly this is where all the famous people who visit Dublin come to eat.

Inside the Pub

This was a place called the Merry Ploughboy. It was a dinner show with an Irish band and dancers.  They took the whole group here together.

The famous Guinness Storehouse. 
We were running short on time and decided not to go in and do the tour.
We did, however, go in and tour this place......a few times. 
Butler's Chocolate Cafe. YUM!

 The last night we all attended a dinner at the hotel. It was a very fancy five course meal and was a wonderful way to end the trip!

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awesome!!!! love, grammy enjoyed the pictures.