Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FSJ Volleyball

Hollace decided to play "Club" volleyball this year. She really enjoyed playing with Girl's Inc. for a few seasons and decided to try it on a little more "serious" level. They practiced twice a week and played several tournaments. A few of them were pretty close by and they traveled to Tulsa and Dallas for a few bigger ones.  It was a lot different from Girl's Inc., where everyone played the same amount of time and just rotated around the court. 

 The team made up a cute little cheer they did before every match. The girls took turns being in the center of the circle.
 The girls started off the season doing GREAT! They were winning every tournament they entered.
 There were a lot of great girls on the team and they had such a fun time!
 The girls had such a great time passing the down time at the tournaments.

 The girls LOVE Coach Antonela!

 The girls would choose a theme for practice on Thursday.
They had a lot of fun with it. I think this one was "Clown day".

 Toward the end of the season Coach Antonela decided the girls needed to play up in the 12s division for more of a challenge. It definitely was more of a challenge and they didn't sweep through the tournaments like they had been, but they still did a great job.
 It was a successful season and she plans on trying out again next year!

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Janice said...

Proud of Hollace!! Good player and good sport!!