Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Trip Back to OK!

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from our first trip home to Oklahoma. Of course we had a great time, seeing lots of family and friends. We did have a major relapse in Rhett's potty-training and in Thad's night-time sleeping routine while there and since we have been back. It is very frustrating and just now starting to improve toward where we were before.
Here is a little of what went on during the trip:
Thad met for the first time: Bev, Uncle Scott, Aunt Juana and Uncle Colby. Here he is with Bev

The kids made real mud pies- (this would only happen at the grandparents')

Rhett being Rhett
He still like CARS- just a little.
Helping Papa Larry take out the trash
For some reason Hollace has been very interested in karate. She gave us all a little demonstration in the Hubbards' front yard before we left.
Here is the Brown side of the family. Sydnie (and baby Margot) got to come for the weekend, but Jeremy had to stay and work.

Somehow when my parents were here when Thad was born we failed to get a picture of them and the grand kids- so here they are. Check out Hollace's pose-what a ham.
Here are Thad and his cousin Gunnar. Thad is 3 months younger, but they are about the same size. Thad is actually longer! Aren't they cute??
Here is Grammy with the two babies. Look how they're holding hands. Aaahhh!
I LOVE this picture. It looks like Thad is a little model with everyone primping him for the shoot. Ha! and look at Gunnar's big grin!
Here is the Hubbard side of the family all together

We all had a great time and miss everyone already!
There was one big event during our visit which I'll save for a separate post.


Ashley said...

all your kids look so much alike! Hollace just picked right back where she left off in Sunday School it was so cute!

Annie said...

I bet your families were sad to see you go!! Great pics, your little ones are gorgeous!

The Garvie Family said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Oklahoma.

Leslie said...

I cannot wait to make our trip back home again. It looks like you all had a great time visiting.

Kristen said...

Maybe Samuel is into karate!