Friday, May 29, 2009

Graduation and a Crush: Is This High School??

Hollace had a little pre-school graduation ceremony a couple of weeks ago. They all wore little caps and gowns- it was too cute. There were 4 pre-K classes and they each sang a song or some other performance to show what they had learned. They all sang a few songs together and then they showed a slide show of the kids throughout the year. It is a Christian pre-school and Hollace's class did a song of the books of the New Testament. She did so well and seemed very proud of herself.
As for the crush, there is a little boy in her class named Samuel, that she really clicked with since she started there in January. She tells me "I'm just CRAZY about Samuel". At the beginning of the year I couldn't figure out why Hollace never wanted PB&J sandwiches for her lunch at school. It turns out that Samuel happens to be very allergic to peanuts and can't even sit at the table with kids who have PB in their lunches. How cute is that??

Here is a pic that was on the slide show during the ceremony-Oh my!

Samuel has two brothers who are the same ages as Rhett and Thad, so we have all gotten together to play a few times. I do believe his brother Seth, might be as much of a pistol as Rhett!

Here they are during the graduation ceremony........

Anyway, with the graduation and the big crush, I was feeling like Hollace is 5 going on 18!!


Leslie said...

Great post! What a cute little girl you have, so sweet that she's "Crazy" about someone. too cute.

Janice said...

Before you know it she'll be graduating from high school. They sure grow up fast!

Dawn said...

It just gets worse--Hollace is so thoughtful!

And if I ever have to add hiney wiper to my list, I'm outta there man!