Friday, May 1, 2009

Grammy and Papa's Visit

So this post is a little overdue. I thought I had posted this, but realized I hadn't.
In March, on Oklahoma's spring break, Grammy and Papa (Brent's parents) came to TN for their first visit, and to meet Thad. I guess he was about 6-7 weeks old. We had fun and the kids got spoiled for a whole week! We did some fun things like going to Monkey Joe's (a big indoor inflatable play place) and Terri made a couple of Brent's favorite meals-so I guess he got a little spoiled too! (All of us did, I guess. She's a great cook-and that meant I didn't have to cook!)

The kids at Monkey Joes

Aunt Sydnie and Uncle Jeremy came for a quick weekend visit the next weekend and somehow, we didn't get any pictures-OOOPS!. Thad has yet to meet his Aunt Juana, Uncle Colby, cousin Gunnar, Uncle Scott, and Bev. We are going to make our first trip back to Woodward around Memorial Day. We are looking forward to it and I'm sure there will be many pics to post!
Have a great weekend!


Janice said...

You can really see Thad's hair good in a couple of those pictures. The pictures made me realize that I don't think we got a picture of daddy and I and the kids...did we? We'll have some photo-ops soon!

Mandy said...

I love Mr. Thad's three month old post he is sooo stinkine cute! I would have had hard time choosing a pic also! I love them all,

Annie said...

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!!! :)