Saturday, December 5, 2009

Disney: Part 14 (of 14!!!!)

Our last night at Disney we ate out at a YUMMMMMY place called O'Hana. They grilled your food on skewers over a huge open fire pit then brought it straight to your table. It was oh so good! Most of the restaurants the food was OK, but you really pay for the experience with the characters. Here you paid for the FOOD! If you go to Disney, you should really try this place. I should have gotten some pics of the food, but I didn't think about it. Here is the final family pic.

More of the work by photographer Hollace:
Hollace does pretty well, but we decided to as a passer-by to get one of us together. Don't I have a handsome husband?
Well, that's all folks. That is the last picture from our Disney vacation. I'm not sure if anyone actually looked at ALL 14 POSTS!, but I mostly did it for my benefit. It may be years before I get these pics in a real scrapbook, and it will help me remember things when I finally do get to scrapbook it.


Leslie said...

Really cute family photo & Hollace is really good with a camera!

Dawn said...

I did read them all and enjoyed them too! Thanks for the virtual Disney World tour!

Sam said...

I loved them all!!!

Janice said...

Loved all the photos! Your kids will have great memories of Disney! Hollace is pretty good with the camera! A chip off grandpa's block!