Thursday, December 10, 2009


I was looking back at old posts today and realized I had started this and never posted it!! I'm terrible! Rhett turned THREE in August, yes, August. We had pictures taken by the fabulous Shannon Watson ( Here are some of my favorites of my favorite three year old:

A little about what he's been up to:
*He loves to go to preschool and from what I hear is really good at school.
*He still is NOT a napper. Occasionally he will fall asleep on his own, usually about 5 o'clock when it is too late to be napping. He is a super grouch, though, if you wake him, and if you try to MAKE him take a nap, forget about it!
*Bedtime is not a lot of fun with him either. While Hollace goes right to sleep, he is usually still getting up an hour after we put him to bed. (which is NOT early, about 8:30-9). He gets up numerous times b/c he's hungry, thirsty, needs covered up, etc. Sometimes when we are in bed we will hear him running around upstairs well over an hour after he went to bed. Sometimes we will find him hiding under the dining room table long after he was suppose to be asleep.
*He still LOVES "Cars", and also monster trucks, and any other kind of race car or truck.
*Some funny things he says: savorite (favorite), chicken (kitchen), still Faddy (Thad-LOVE this!), bevy (for very) and mine (for I or I'm; ex: "My thirsty")
*He is still ornery, but looking back I can see a noticeable improvement in his behavior/obedience from a year ago this time. Whew- he WORE me OUT there for awhile. To cut him a little slack, he was 2- and moving to a new home/ town, and getting a new little brother-all at the same time.
*He is also super sweet, and loves to give kisses and hugs. I just love to hear him say, "My love you, Mommy"!! Aahh, just melts my heart!


jharrel said...

Love the pictures! He is precious, I get tired just hearing about that littler stinker. :) Remind him how he hated to sleep when he is a teen and won't get out of bed.

Anonymous said...

That was me not Josh :)

Katie said...

What's so funny is that you'll look back at this and laugh when he is the laid back teenager and you have to deal with a hormonal teenage girl!;) Love the pics!

Janice said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. He's such a sweetie. I've told several people about him saying to me "My loves you" when we were there. Yes...he melts my heart!
(For anyone else reading this post - Hilary called the kitchen the "chicken" for quite awhile - one of my personal favorites!

Anonymous said...

love the pictures - he looks onery and sweet at the same time. Melted my heart too - it is s-o-0-0 cute when he says my love you. would like to hug him now. love grammy

Becky said...

What cute pictures! I guess I thought time stood still when you moved, because I could hardly believe Rhett was 3!! 3 year old boys are little men. So precious!