Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter 2010

I am a little behind. We have had both sets of grandparents here for visits and gone on a little vacation and I haven't even posted about Easter yet. I'll try to get caught up. I can't believe April is almost over. This month has really flown by-like all the others I guess.

Here is the best picture we managed to get of the three kids.
Here are a few of the kids Easter morning. We don't make a big deal out of the Easter Bunny, but he does come and leave a few small things and hide eggs.

I like this picture because it shows Thad with yet another one of his sippy cups. The third child just doesn't really NEED anything and he doesn't care what he gets, so he often gets things like sippy cups. Poor third child.

Sunday Morning before church


Dawn said...

those are cute. Maybe you could buy Thad something You want! Since he doesn't care and all. LOL!

Janice said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!