Friday, April 2, 2010

School Pictures

Here it is Spring Break and I'm doing a post about school. Today is the first day of the break and we are out the next TWO full weeks here. It is really going to be hard for them to go back.

These were Hollace's school pictures taken in the fall. I thought they were pretty cute for school pictures. They took pictures again a couple of weeks ago. We didn't buy any this time. I don't think school pics twice a year is really necessary. She looks basically the same minus 8 teeth!

This little card came with the pictures. It is to carry in your wallet so you always have a picture to show authorities if your child is missing. The hot line for missing and exploited children is on it so you always have that too.

I'm sharing this because I really got a kick out of Hollace's version of what the card was for. She said "it is so if I get lost and you can't find me you can look at this card so you can remember what I look like so you can find me." Isn't that cute?


Leslie said...

Love the girls reasoning. lol It is a great photo btw.

Dawn said...

Whew, glad you have that card to help your memory! She's cute and funny!

Becky said...

You have to admit the missing 8 teeth do significantly change her look, even if it is to just make her look older. BTW Thad just look exactly like Brent, so who does Rhett look like?