Wednesday, June 9, 2010


There are OH SO many words I could use to describe Rhett, but this last week, these 4 come to mind.

We were at our church's indoor play area and Rhett had a major collision with a pole. It was padded so I know he must have hit it really hard. He was running and not watching where he was going. His eye was bruised and swollen immediately. I held him with an ice pack on it for a while and he finally decided he was ready to go back to playing after a lecture about running, etc. He wasn't up 3 minutes when he ran into the slide with the other eye. It wasn't as bad, but he ended up looking like he had been beat. These pictures really don't do it justice.

After a couple of days, the swelling was going down, but still bruised. I think it actually looked worse the day after this.


A couple mornings ago I was in the bathroom getting ready and Rhett came in, and out of the blue (and without asking for anything afterward) we had this conversation:

Rhett: "Mommy, you're beautiful."

Me: "Ahh, Thank you Rhett, that is so sweet."

Rhett: "and you're pretty."

Me: "That is soooo nice, Rhett."

Rhett: "and you're even cool!"

Me: "Thank you, Bub!"

Rhett: "Which one do you like me to say to you the most?"

Talk about MELTING MY HEART!!!. He really wasn't trying to butter me up or anything, then he wanted to know which I liked him to tell me the most???? Could he be any sweeter? I'll have to try to remember this next time I'm really upset at him- which could be anytime now.


Background: A couple of days ago we were discussing a bible verse from church, which was "Love one another", and how this meant to show kindness to one another, etc. he was asking for a drink, actually whining and moaning about how thirsty he was. (He had left his sippy cup upstairs and didn't want to go get it.) I told him to bring me his cup and I would be happy to get him something to drink. He said to me: "Mom....Remember, "Love one another"?....That means if one person doesn't want to go upstairs and get their cup, then another person should go get it for him."


Today he told me about his lesson from VBS: "Zacchaeus climbing up the Fickleman (Sycamore?) tree".
AND on a totally UNReLATED note: the other day he casually grabbed his boy-parts-area, and said to me: "Mom, I'm going to start calling this my Dude".

OH MY, that boy....................................


Janice said...

You've got him pegged right with your description. And he melts my heart, too! Love the post.

Dawn said...

How sweet and how---boy!

Janice said...

By the way, did you go upstairs and get his sippy cup for him?

Leslie said...

Love the conversation, too cute!

Kara said...

I love "the dude" that had me rollng~!

He sounds so much like our boys...they do some crazy stuff!

Ashley said...

The Dude is hilarious!!!!! Boys are so entertaining!