Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meet Maggie Marie

My pictures are finally showing up in blogger so maybe I can attempt to catch up now.

One of the important things that has happened since I've been having blogging/picture issues is the birth of my niece Maggie Marie on Oct. 1st. Hollace and I left about midnight on Friday night and drove to OKC and made about 2 hours before she arrived. It was great that we are closer now and able to make it to her birth. She is precious............don't you think?

Margot, Maggie and both of their grandmas

Hollace and her new cousin

I think Nana is proud. (Marie is her middle name.)

and proud Papa

Nana and her grand daughters

Maggie and her favorite aunt!

Posting this I realized I didn't take any pictures of Maggie and her Mom and Dad! The last two are ones my Dad had e-mailed me....still none of Sydnie. Guess that just shows how you sort of take the back seat when the kids come along.

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Janice said...

Love the pics! Love the one with my three granddaughters!!!