Monday, November 21, 2011

An American Girl Adventure

Hollace has been wanting to go to the American Girl Doll Store for a long time now. There are only a few in the country and when we were in Nashville, Atlanta was the closest and we just never made it. When we found out we were moving to Dallas I had a feeling this would be one of the first things we would do. One of her BFFs, Brynn, had also been saving up and wanting to go, so we thought it would be a great chance for her family to come stay with us and go to the store. Hollace had saved up her birthday money and was counting down the days. Finally the big day was here in early November, and it did not disappoint.

The girls in front of the huge store. They each took 2 AG dolls and 1 AG Bitty Baby. The "girls" were in the stroller and the "babies" got carried.

Oh my, they were excited. It was pretty amazing! So many dolls and accessories, and outfits, and...........
The girls in front of one of the many things they wanted. I should have counted how many times I heard "Oh mom, I want this!"

After a little shopping we stopped at the Bistro for a little lunch. There were high chairs for all the dolls. It was quite a sight, seeing all the dolls at all the tables.
The girls and Brynn's big sister, Bryleigh.
Remember the stroller full of dolls? Poor Bryleigh ended up pushing it around all day. She was a trooper.

There were even little dishes for the dolls.

After lunch there was time for more shopping. This little baking set was so cute and after seeing everything it was still her favorite so it ended up going home with us.

A photo op with AG of the year Kanani from Hawaii.

It was quite the adventure. I'm sure we will be back someday, but someone has some more saving up to do first.


Janice said...

What fun! Only thing missing was Nana! I know they must have had a BALL!!!!!

Dawn said...

I would love to go the the American Girl store. But I'm not sure that they want women of my age squealing and exclaiming, "I want this!" I used to get the catalog in the mail when the girls were little. And I looked at it way more than they did!