Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011: Acts I-IV

Warning: Picture overload. We actually had 4 Halloween "Acts", but I am doing them all in one post. I wanted to include even more pictures, but I tried to narrow them down a bit.

Act I: Thad's pre-school Halloween party.
It was the Thursday before Halloween since he just goes to "school" Tues. and Thurs. I let him pick out his costume and he chose Spider Man. He loved it and had been wearing it around the house for a couple of weeks. But when it came time to put it on at the party- he wanted nothing to do with it. He wanted to be Batman, or Elmo, or whatever the other kids were, but DID NOT want to be Spider Man. I wrestled him and put it on him to get a picture. This is what I got: him trying to get the costume off. So we took it off- oh well.

They got to decorate cookies and we sang songs-all WITHOUT a costume on.

Act II: Hollace's Fairytale Parade.
The grade school doesn't get to dress up, except the 2nd grade had a Fairytale parade b/c they are learning about fairytales. Their costume had to be an approved fairytale character. I was so excited that the costume we had already chosen for her (before we knew about this) was The Queen of Hearts!! Hollace found this black and white ballet/recital dress at a garage sale for $3 a couple of months ago and wanted to wear it for Halloween. I turned it into the Queen of Hearts for less that $10!!- including the $3 for the dress!! I thought she looked SOOOO cute!

Hollace and her two best friends at the parade. One was also the Q of H and the other was Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Their moms are good friends of mine, but we really didn't plan this.

Act III: Rhett's Pre-K Party.
Thad and I had to rush from Hollace's school to Rhett's school for his party. Captain America was the star of this Act!

They had a pinata, a parade, then came inside for the best part- pizza, fruit and spider cookies.

Act IV: Trick or Treating!!
The kids were SO excited to get their costumes back on and begin the candy collecting! We anxiously awaited Daddy's arrival home from work to get going.

Spider Man decided he'd participate in this act. When he saw the other two getting their faces painted, he wanted his painted too, so I drew a couple of spiders on his cheeks. He was SOOO proud of this and showed everyone when they went around trick or treating.

Oh, and Captain America decided about 10 minutes before we left that he wanted to be Jack Sparrow for this Act. We had the costume already, so I let him.

Here they are: the cutest Queen of Heart, Jack Sparrow and Spider Man I've ever seen.

I though Rhett made a darn good Pirate!

We did a little more makeup for Hollace than we had earlier for school. She really played the part well.

...another of Jack.

Thad was not really cooperating for an individual pic but here's another one of the boys.

We just went around our neighborhood and got MORE than enough candy. Then we came back to the house so they could hand out some. We had a great time!

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Janice said...

The costumes are absolutely wonderful! Glad Thad decided to dress up for the evening. Rhett's evening costume is great, too!