Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Big "Red" Weekend

The second weekend of February, we went to Oklahoma for a couple of big events: Papa Rick's Retirement Party and Grammy and Papa's 40th Anniversary!

Saturday morning we all went to take a family portrait as sort of a gift for Rick and Terri for their anniversary. We debated on what to wear for the picture and we ended up with black and red. As it ended up, looking back at these pictures, red was sort of the theme for the weekend.

Rick's retirement party was later that Saturday. The reception was decorated in red and white, the colors of the Pioneer company. we still had our clothes on from the pictures that morning so we were all color coordinated with the decor.

Here are Grammy and Papa at the reception
Congratulations Papa!

Thad quickly found the cake

and really enjoyed the icing.
After he was told he cold not have anymore cake he kept sneaking up to the table and sticking his finger in the remaining cake for a lick of icing.
I guess all that sneaking around wore him out.
Some of the kids wandered down the hall of the church to a classroom and were playing school. Guess who was playing teacher?.........Yes, Ms. Bossy Pants, I mean Ms. Hollace

Nana and the boys being silly.

After the reception some family went back to Rick and Terri's to visit. I took this picture just to get some of the family members sitting around the table and didn't notice until later Brent and Hollace. I'm not sure what they are discussing, but it looks pretty serious!

The boys had a little jam session on their Paper Jamz guitars.

Here are Grammy and Papa opening their anniversary gift from the kids and Bev.
Happy 40th Anniversary!!
(which happens to be the Ruby anniversary, keeping with the red theme.)

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Janice said...

It's so great you guys can come for things like this! So glad you're closer!!