Monday, February 27, 2012

My Valentines!

I am really not that into Valentine's Day. I guess that's good, because this year Brent had a board meeting that night and I spent the evening with the kids at Target. I really don't care though. It's just not a big deal to me. Maybe because I have a wonderful husband that is good to me every day of the year!
This was sometime earlier in the month when we went out and Hollace took our picture. Just thought I would include a picture of us, since it is a post about my Valentines!

I got to go to the boys' pre-school parties. One of the things I love about staying home is that I can go to little things like this.

Another one of my Valentines, Rhett, and I. I had just come from the gym, definitely not in picture taking condition, but Rhett looked so cute in this one I had to include it.

I ran next door for Thad's little party. He was busy icing his heart shaped cookie, and didn't want to stop for a picture with mom. I love his shirt! (It says "Mom", not "M&M".)

These next pictures weren't actually taken on Valentine's Day, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce you to Thad's little "girlfriend". She lives a couple of houses down and has two older sisters, so she comes down with them and plays with the kids a lot. Her name is Mary Elizabeth, but Thad calls her Mar-Bis. They are so cute together.

I'm not sure why she was dressed as Pocahontas, but could they be any cuter??

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Janice said...

Quite the cute couple! Hollace did a pretty good job taking the picture. love Rhett's headband - I may have one like it!