Monday, June 25, 2012

Memorial Weekend In Oklahoma

For Memorial Weekend we decided to take the trip north to Oklahoma. We had already agreed to watch my sisters girls for the weekend so we went through Harrah and picked them up on our way. It was a little crazy, but for a 6 hour road trip with an 8, 5, 3, and 2 year old, an 8 month old and a 4 month old puppy who has never taken a trip, we thought it went pretty well.
(Ginger was up front and I wasn't able to get a picture with her and all the kids together.)

 The kids were excited to see everyone and we had lots of fun just visiting, eating, and playing...

The kids (the big ones too) played tag baseball at Grammy and Papa's

Uncle Scott was the designated batting assistant. Brent was the pitcher.

Here are the kids with their grandparents. This is at Grammy and Papa's, which looks a little bare because they had moved all the furniture out to get ready for their new carpet!

The kids playing in Nana and Papa's back yard. They had lots of fun with this big tree.
Hollace didn't have any "climbing" shoes with her so she borrowed Nana's, which she is wearing in these pictures. (She has long feet, but not that long!)
They designed their own pulley system for delivering important things up into the tree.

Hollace found this old piece of wood and painted "Family Tree" on it. She said:  "I'm going to write down the names of our family members who die on it..... Thank goodness it's blank!" 
Yes, thank goodness!!

They had lots of fun with their cousins!! Here they are with baby Maggie

The silly boys.....Love this picture!

The cousins minus Margot, who wanted nothing to do with this!

It was a fun weekend. So glad we are closer and able to see everyone a little more often now!


Larry said...

We are also very glad that you live closer now. Glad about the blank sign too:)

Janice said...

Love these pics! So glad you are closer, too!! I love seeing all the cousins having fun together!!