Friday, December 13, 2013

"Aye, Aye Captain!"

In the fall, Hollace participated in the theater program at UAFS. They worked all fall and did a production of Little Mermaid, Jr. in December.

She LOVED it and was so sad, when they had done their final performance, that it was over. I'm sure she'll be doing the program again.

WARNING: You are about to see a LOT of pictures!:)

Her main part in the musical was "Pilot", the captain of Prince Eric's ship.

 Here are a few backstage pre-show pics.
Pilot with some of the Mer-Sisters.

 Pilot with Sebastian.
 With a Mer-sister, King Triton, and Sebastian.

 Hollace's slide on the pre-show cast slide-show.
 Some pre-show cast pictures.

 of course a silly one.......

 Finally it's SHOW TIME!

 She had a couple of smaller parts. One was Gull, a bird.
 The birds were suppose to be funny. This song/dance was really cute and silly.

 This is the scene where they were sailing into a storm. It was quite dramatic and Hollace did a great job on her speaking parts!

 For this scene she played a Chef.

 Flowers for the Star after the show.

 She even got to sign a few autographs.

 A quick pic with Ursula and Ariel......

...and the her Director and Choreographer.

and with her biggest fans.

 She had SO much fun and did such a great job. We were very proud!


Janice said...

she is so gorgeous!! wish we could have seen it - but I have a feeling there will be more!

Janice said...
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