Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hollace's Costume Birthday Bash!

Hollace decided to have a costume party for her birthday this year.  It reminded me of her first birthday when we had a little costume party for her baby buddies and she was a butterfly:) 

The boys wore costumes and they tried to get Ginger in on the fun with this cowgirl costume, but she was not into it and it lasted about 3 minutes.

The kids even convinced Brent to put on this Michael Jackson costume I bought on clearance at Target last year. The kids didn't even know who we were talking about, but we promised them that he looked much more like Slash than Michael Jackson. Ha!
 The morning before her party, Hollace and her two neighbor friends spotted a garage sale next door and went over to check it out. They thought they had won the lottery when they found a bunch of old Halloween decorations.  The nice lady discovered she was having a Halloween Birthday party that night and gave them all the decorations. Yes, all of them.
 I think the only things here from the garage sale, are the web on the window (which was really cute) and the witch on a broom on the mantle (which was not so cute). 
They had a blast decorating the entire house with the treasures:)
 Slash served the punch.
 A few pics of the crazy kiddos.

 Karaoke, costume style.....
(Check out Slash in the corner. HAHAHA!!!)

 They were getting serious with Taylor Swift.

 They played some fun carnival style games outside, like bobbing for apples.

and Bingo-

Then we opened presents.... 

and had cake....
(She had her heart set on a cookie cake-who can blame her?)

 Ha! Look at Rhett in the background!?

I think Pocahontas had a great birthday party and she was a beautiful birthday girl!!
Happy 11th Birthday HOLLACE!!

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Janice said...

Looks like a great birthday party. Can't believe Hollace is 11 year old!