Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Leadership Night

In October the kids had Leadership Night at their school. Each class had some sort of project they presented that night. 

Rhett's class had to bring pumpkins decorated as their favorite book characters. He chose Spyro-a Skylander character.

Thad's class presented classic nursery rhymes. They were suppose to dress up as one of the nursery rhyme characters.
He chose "Jack be Nimble".

While we were there, we spotted Thad's pumpkin he made dressed as his favorite character, that earned a 2nd place ribbon!

Hollace participated in a "Wax Museum" of inventors. She chose Zandra Rhodes.  She was a fashion designer.  Hollace did a really great job on her presentation and even did it with a British accent.
 She looked pretty crazy, but she did a great job dressing like the eccentric character.

 We are proud of our three great students and leaders!!

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Janice said...

Good job kiddos!!