Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thad's First Basketball Season

This is Thad's first year to play basketball and he is loving it! 
He loves pretty much anything involving a ball.
They do the coolest thing at Upward at FBC in Greenwood. Before all the games they turn of the lights and have all the cheerleaders and players run through this tunnel and introduce them over the the loud speakers. There is smoke and spotlights and everything! You can't really tell from the picture, but it's really cool and the kids LOVE it! 
Thad runs out each week, holding up his finger like this.....SO cute!!

 There weren't enough coaches when the season started so Brent sort of got suckered into it, but he's done a great job!

 In Upward, all the kids get equal playing time. It helps everyone get a chance to play and improve.

He's doing a really good job, is a great hustler too.
 Thad hasn't scored yet, but he's only actually shot a few times. He's usually the "point guard", if a kindergarten team has a point guard.  He does a great job getting the plays started and has several "assists";)

In Upward they play man to man only. They are paired up and stay on that kid the whole time. This time he was matched up with another little boy from his class at school. They were having a sort of imaginary sword fight at one point. Then on the picture on the right, they just stood and had a stare down at each other for quite a while. They are pretty entertaining at this age! 

 Coach Brent having a huddle.
 This is so funny!
A few of the boys on Thad's team just got on the ground and started doing push-ups one day just before the game started. I don't know where they got the idea, but everyone got a kick out of it. Usually one or a few of them will still do it before the games.  
Here is Thad getting pumped up before the last game. 
Thad's cute little team
*They play their last game tonight, a make up game. Then this season will be in the books. My parents got to come see him play this past weekend so I should have some better pictures soon that my Dad took.

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Janice said...

Thad played great! It was fun watching him play! Loved the tunnel they run through!!