Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tennis in Little Rock

In April my tennis team was all set to go to the Mid-Season tournament in Little Rock. Due to expected storms that weekend, they cancelled the tournament!
We were all looking forward to the weekend away, good food, and shopping (oh and tennis too). 
SO we decided to go ahead and make the trip anyway!
I love these girls and we had such a great time!
Before it was cancelled we had bought tickets to go see a tennis exhibition with some retired professional players including John McEnroe and Andy Roddick. 

 In June we went to the State Tournament in Little Rock.  A few of our teammates couldn't come so we went with only 6 player (with one more coming in for one match). This meant that we had to forfeit a court for each match. We knew we wouldn't have much of a chance to do well with a forfeit, but we decided to go for the fun and experience anyway. 
We did much better than we had expected and actually won a match, and "tied" the other 3, winning 2 courts and losing 2 courts. (Officially losing with our forfeited court, but we like to call it a "tie") :)

 We had a GREAT time and played some fun tennis.
I won my singles match, and won 2 of my 3 doubles matches, including an epic comeback match with Laura Keep!:)

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