Saturday, January 17, 2009

Can you say Ornery???

Rhett has been more than just a little ornery lately. For some reason he has decided to fight going to sleep, at bedtime and nap time. His new big boy bed is not going so well, to say the least! We often hear him running around upstairs for over an hour after he is suppose to be asleep. Good thing Hollace is a hard sleeper, because we have found him in her room with the light on, playing after she is asleep.

Lately he has decided he has a thing for hot dogs, which he calls "corn dogs". He brought an unopened package into our bed to wake me up the other morning. He got cereal instead, but at the end of the day, there were 4 hot dogs missing from the package. I hadn't given him any of them. He just helps himself. The last one he took after he was suppose to be in bed that night. Brent and I were in the den and after he had been in bed (or so we thought) for about 45 minutes, we heard him up. He was up in his room with the light on and a horrible case of "hot dog breath". I said "what have you been doing?" and he said "Corn dog." At least he's honest.? The last few nights his prayer has even been "Thank you..Mommy, Daddy, Corn dog...."

Rhett has also discovered he can open this front door, unlike our old one, which was really hard to open. He has helped himself out several times. He also likes to open the pantry, pull a bar stool over and help himself. So I bought these safety door things at target that go over door knobs. We put them on four of the doors one night just before he went to bed. One was on a closet door in his room that leads to an attic storage area. He had this one off in less than 10 minutes (after he was suppose to be in bed), and the other 3 off by about 9 am the next morning! So much for that!?


Leslie said...

Your little guy sounds an awful lot like ours. It's a real challenge!

Kara said...

Just pray Thad doesn't act like this. When they all do it and they gang up together it is downright crazy! Good luck is all I can say!

Janice said...

Well, it sounds like fun to me! And so cute!

Mandy said...

Oh, the life of raising boys!! Call me anytime and we can compare stories!!