Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting Situated, Sort of......

Well I wish I had pictures of an organized, decorated, clean house to show you all, but not quite. While we do have all but a few boxes unpacked, the house is far from ready to be showing off any pictures. The new house is actually a little smaller than our old one. Just a little, and it really doesn't seem like it until we are looking for somewhere to put all our junk! Our master closet took some doing. For those of you who had seen our old one, it was ridiculously big!-huge! So even though our new one isn't small, it took some doing and creativity to fit everything in.
My Dr's appt. went fine last week, and she is leaning toward waiting until about 39 weeks to induce. While this will give me a little longer to be prepared for Thad's arrival, it is one more week that I could possibly go into labor and have no one to keep the kids. We really don't have a plan for if this happens, so if I can be induced, my mom can be here and that would probably be the best scenario.
Here are a few pictures, but I haven't taken a whole lot lately. I'll try to get some better ones soon.

Here are the kids with the moving truck. Rhett was pretty impressed with the "big truck".

The kids were actually really good on the drive to TN. My mom had made a bag of "surprises" for each of them. They got to pick something out of it every so often, if they had been good. Grammy also sent a bag of goodies for us on the way. Here is Rhett with his new "Cars" coloring book.
Here are the kids "helping" put together some shelves for our closet. Uncle Scott actually did this. Thanks Scott for all your help!!This is Hollace on her first day at her new school.
Rhett didn't want to be left out.
This is the last of the boxes.
And finally... here is the nursery, or maybe just a partially put together crib. Does anyone see a problem with this?? I'm not due for like 2 1/2 weeks, right??


Mandy said...

I am really impressed that you have everything so organized all ready. It would probably take me more like a year to do these things.

Annie said...

I too am very impressed that you have sooo much done so soon, especially because you are way pregnant. It's not easy doing anything towards the last weeks of a pregnancy. I have been trying to clean this week, my very last week, and I am walking around like an 80 year old woman. I am soooo sore!!! Hey, I sent you a text to find out your new number so I wouldn't call your cell number, let me know if you have a house number yet. Also, I need your new address, I am filling out envelopes for Ruby's announcements - the more I can get done early the better for me!!! Miss you, talk to you soon!!!!

Kara said...

Way to go! I am impressed. You can get it all done, I have faith in you! Miss you guys!

The Garvie Family said...

Sounds like you guys are getting situated. I love the picture of Rhett in the truck with one pant leg pushed up...looks like a little LL Cool J. And the picture of Hollace before school - what a pose!!

Leslie said...

You are just kicking butt out there in TN! Fast Fast Fast!

Leslie said...

You are just kicking butt out there in TN! Fast Fast Fast!