Thursday, July 2, 2009

5 for 5

Thad turned 5 months old on this past Sunday. Even though I just posted his 4 month post (with 3 month pictures) I wanted to do something. So here are 5 things that are different about Thad from the last post.

1. He is a little rolly-polly! He has been turning over for quite a while (tummy to back for about 2+ months), but just the last couple of weeks, he has started rolling all over the place. He can really get around, just by rolling!

2. He has a tooth! Can't believe I didn't post that. It started peeking through about 2 weeks ago. It is still just barely there. He is also really enjoying his food more. He gets excited when the bib goes on!

3. If you haven't noticed, the boy has had some major hair loss since birth. It was pretty significant by 3 months. It was pretty patchy for a while and is just now starting to even out and fill in a little. Still MUCH less hair than when he was born. Hollace and Rhett never lost their hair- Oh wait, they didn't have any!

4. He is grabbing at things and holding his toys so much better. It is SO sweet to watch him play with things and he really looks at and examines his toys, binky, etc.

5. He is sleeping much better. He sleep from about 8-9 until about 5 or 6 most nights. Then he eats and usually goes back to sleep for a couple of hours.

**Thanks to Aunt Sydnie for his cute onesie! She made it and is thinking about making some to sell.


Janice said...

He's a cutie! Can't believe he's rolling all over the place. Can't really tell from that picture that he has lost much hair. I'm so glad he's sleeping better! I love it when they examine things so closely! Wish I could hold him! (That is a cute onesie!)

The Garvie Family said...

Wow he already has a tooth?!?! He is growing so fast and it is hard to believe he is already 5 months old. She should really sell those is super cute!!!

Kristen said...

I agree with Mandy...the onesies are adorable! As for the the little guy wearing them...even more adorable! It always amazes me at how fast they change when they're that little.

Dawn said...

What a cute onesie--for when the occasion calls for more than a plain tshirt! And the little guy is pretty cute too!

Michelle said...

he is adorable...i can't wait until caleb can do all those things..but he is working on it!!!
and the onesie is too cute :)

Becky said...

He is getting so big and he is so cute! I think he looks like Hollace in this picture. Love the onesie also!

Janice said...

I sure think Thad looks like Brent in this picture!