Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grammy and Papa and the Zoo

Grammy and Papa just left yesterday after a little visit. We all had a good time and are so glad they go to come. Here are a few pictures from the Nashville zoo we visited while they were here.

Lookng out the observation window at the meerkat

Notice the "monkey" in this picture??

Papa and Thad

Grammy and Thad. They hadn't seen him since he was about 7 weeks old!

We also went swimming, shopping, and to two of Hollace's t-ball games during Grammy and Papa's visit. They were so glad they got to see her play. Stay tuned for t-ball pics.


Leslie said...

That's so sweet that they come out so often to see you all. Great pictures too btw!

Janice said...

I'm jealous!

Becky said...

When I was reading this, I thought about your parents and how I knew they would like to be there too. I bet you guys had a great visit.