Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family Fight!

This is not what it sounds like...........Nearly every night, the kids beg Brent to fight with them. They wrestle, have towel fights, tickle wars, and just about every time--someone ends up crying..........but they LOVE it. They start asking at dinner sometimes, "Can we fight tonight?". It is usually after bathtime and has become part of the usual bedtime routine. It is really funny to watch how Thad has gone from not being involved at all as an infant, to an innocent bystander who sometimes got involved against his will, to being completely involved and sometimes the instigator. It is fun to watch them having such a good time together. I usually try to stay out of it, but every once in a while I have to come to one of the kids' rescue.
This particular night the kids decided to try to take shelter in Thad's bed.
Poor Thad was a sitting duck when he couldn't get into the bed. As you know, he mastered getting out of the bed month ago, but is still working on the getting back in part.
He decided on the 'climb the rocking chair' method.
We have lots of fun memories of the nightly "family fights". I can only imagine what this could look like a few years from now.

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Janice said...

I'm sure Thad hadn't realized any benefits of climbing back into bed until it was too late!