Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Baby Jesus"

For some reason since sometime before Christmas, when all the nativity sets started making appearances, Thad has been rather intrigued by Baby Jesus.

Some days he just goes on and on about it, strangely often referring to the baby as "her". No matter how many times I explain to him who "Baby Jesus" is, it doesn't seem to sink in.

It's not 10:00 am yet and here are the mentions of Baby Jesus today:

"Mommy, I don't want to go to college with baby Jesus."

"Why is baby Jesus laying on those sticks?"

"Is Baby Jesus in heaven?"

"When I see Baby Jesus in heaven can I pet her blanket?"

"I don't want to go to heaven with baby Jesus because her will cry on me."

"Is Baby Jesus going to cry over my belly button?"

"Why is Baby Jesus in my tummy?"

"Is Baby Jesus in your tummy?" "Why not?" "Then where is He?"

"Is Baby Jesus going to be at my birthday party?"

"Does Baby Jesus like birthday cake? Is she going to eat my cake?"

"Why was that Baby Jesus at Bev's house in the mommy's tummy?" (referring to a nativity at Bev's in which the baby was missing).

"Mommy look! There's baby Jesus." (pointing out the van window)

"Did Baby Jesus see those cows?"

"Is Baby Jesus going to be in my tummy? That's my baby. Not Mary and Jofus'."

"Is Baby Jesus with me? Can he always go with me?"

WOW! Some of these questions lend to great conversations about Jesus and who He is to us. Like that last one, I could tell him (after explaining for the 101st time that Jesus isn't a baby anymore) that yes, Jesus is with you, and you can take Him with you wherever you go if you choose to have Him in your heart. I know he's a little young to understand that, but it never hurts for him to hear it.

On the other hand, with some of the questions, I'm just not sure where to go. Like the "Mommy, I don't want to go to college with Baby Jesus." Ummmmm.......just not sure where to start with that.

It is pretty silly, but I hope Thad's interest in Jesus remains as his understanding of Him grows!


Janice said...

This is great! I bet he becomes a Christian pretty young. I don't think I've known a kid ask those kind of questions. Love it!!!

Janice said...

PS Thad looks just like Brent in this pic except the hair color.