Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Few More Christmas 2011 Memories

Early in December the boys' preschool had a breakfast with Santa for all the kids and their families. Hollace quickly informed us that this was obviously not the real Santa and Rhett agreed. They did humor us and sit on his lap for a bit.

I guess she decided that she should share her wish list with him just in case.

Later in December we had a fun family party with some friends. Here are all the kids.

Hollace and her two best buddies. Check out the posing.

We ate, played dirty Santa, and even had a visit from Santa. Hollace quickly decided this was not the real Santa either. After he left she informed us that it must be Mr. Javier (one of our friends, her friend's Dad). She said "I can tell by his voice, and his shoes, and because he wasn't here when Santa was here, and he's probably out changing in his car right now!" No fooling that girl!

Santa passed out a little gift to each of the kids. I don't think he had many of the older kids fooled, but it was sill fun for them.
FYI: We did eventually get to see the "REAL Santa" this year. One Saturday at a local book store we spotted the real big guy and got a picture with him. I just didn't get it scanned in for this post.

Thad trying out the stockings as socks

Our Elf, "Elfie", is not nearly as creative or mischievous as some other "Elfs on the shelf" I've heard about. I think our Elf's main goal is to keep an eye on the kids, and I don't think he wants to set himself up for big expectations from them every night he's here. :)

He did pull a couple of pranks this year including this night when he replaced the kids' stockings with their undies/diaper.

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Janice said...

That's great. I bet the kids really laughed!! And I love the one with Thad wearing the Christmas stockings!!