Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Creative Geniuses!

The kids have had a couple of school projects lately that required them to tap into their creative sides.

Hollace had a big project the whole 2nd grad participated in called the Economics Fair. Each student had to develop a product to sell to all the other students in the school. They had to price, advertise, display and sell the items one day to the other students who came around to shop.

Hollace decided on magnetic clips. We thought they would be great for refrigerators at home and lockers at school. We used craft things I had at home to decorate the clips. She had a lot of fun coming up with some of the decorating ideas.

I thought they turned out pretty cute!

She displayed them on this magnetic board.

Here is the poster she made to hang at her booth/desk.

She decided to sell them for 50 cents, but ended up raising the price after a little while because they were selling so well! Smart girl. She said "shops sometimes have to do that because the demand is so high." Ha. I think she learned something about economics with this little project.

At Rhett's preschool, they have been taking turns rotating through an "invention" center. They get to make anything they want, but have to use the recycled items the teacher has at the center. He was so excited when it was his turn and this is what he came home with.

Can you tell what it is????

Of "Egg Blower". I asked him what it did and his explanation went something like this "You stick an egg in here, then it goes down here then through here. It goes over there and comes out here." with a lot of pointing here and there. I'm not sure where the "blowing" part comes, but it seemed to make sense to him.

So proud of my creative little kiddos!


Janice said...

Very creative. Is Rhett going to market his also?

Anonymous said...

Great ideas - so creative! Always knew they were super smart. love, grammy

Janice said...

Tell Hollace I'd like to buy a magnet if she has any left.