Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday

I accidentally added this picture of Brent cutting Thad's hair the other day in the backyard, and I can't delete it for some reason, so enjoy:

Here are a few tidbits about our family lately:

Hollace: She loves to organize people/things, etc. She is always inventing games, organizing projects or clubs, planning events, etc. Her teacher always makes remarks about what a leader she is (Is this teacher code for "bossy"?). Anyway, like I said, somehow she can take anything and make it into some sort of event that necessitates rules, tickets for admission, or a signed waiver! I'm not kidding. This week she has given me a ticket for a fashion show she and the neighbor girl were going to put on later in the week, turned to boys room into an art gallery and tried to charge the boys admission to her "gymnastics" class on the trampoline. I also found this hanging on the wall in the den:
Rhett: Today he had a bit of a tummy ache and decided if he drank some water it would feel better. After the drink he said "It doesn't hurt at ALL anymore! It's almost like I'm a baby again......I mean it's kinda like I just came out of mommy's tummy......I mean like I was never a boy yet.........." I was half listening to this while doing something else, not knowing what in the world he was talking about, but not thinking too much about it. Then Hollace chimed in "Do you mean you feel like brand new?" "YES!" Rhett said, "that's what I meant!" HA!!

Thad: The other night he was crying in his bed because he didn't want to go to sleep. I went in his room to try to settle/quiet him down and he was sitting up slapping and throwing his pillow. "What are you doing, why are you doing that to your pillow?" I asked. "Because it has this stupid cryin' stuff on it and I don't like it!" Ha. The crying stuff was his tears of course!

Brent and I: Earlier this month we went out to a nice French Bistro for date night. Hollace snapped the picture below for us. We tried something for the first time at the insistence of the waitress. She said their Mussels were the chef's specialty and lots of people came there just to get them. We are not picky eaters and we have fish/seafood regularly so we thought, why not? Can I just say "BLEH!!!!"? DISGUSTING!! I was not a fan to put it mildly. Brent ate them though and said he was shocked at me for disliking them so much. Like I said I am very much NOT picky, but those were just down right gross. Gritty, and slimy and chewy and eating an ENTIRE animal! BLEH! Now I have a list of things I WILL NOT EAT: Mussels and.......I think that's about it.


Janice said...

Hollace is very much like her mother!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful couple! Hollace is quite the organizer and the boys are too cute. love grammy miss you.