Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Dallas Zoo

A few weeks ago a couple of friends and our kiddos went on an outing to the Dallas  Zoo. I am honestly not usually a huge fan of zoos. It seems like the animals are always hiding and you spend the majority of time staring at trees, open fields, and tanks of water and not seeing many animals. This was one of the better zoo experiences we've had. We actually saw lots of animals. They also had a tram you could ride around the zoo and go through many of the animal areas without having to walk (drag your hot, thirty, complaining kids and wagon full of ice chests, packed lunches, and gallons of hand sanitizer) for miles!

The penguins are always a hit.

They all really like the pink flamingos too!

Here is the whole crew

 Look at this sassy pose I caught.

There was an area with big animal statues that the kids had a great time climbing on.

Hollace decided this elephant's trunk and tusks made a great place to practice her gymnastic skills.

So Rhett had to try too....

 Ok, so maybe I had to try too......

****This was actually really funny. I did this not thinking much about it because it looked fun. The kids were SOOOO amazed and impressed. The ones that saw me called all the other kids over to see and asked me to do it again and again! "Rhett! Come see what your mom can do!!" 
  I think I was just a little insulted that they were SO impressed! 
I mean...How OLD do they think I am??  It was pretty funny!

Looking back at this picture, the only think I'm impressed with is the fact that the seam of my shorts didn't split! I was clearly not planning on doing this when I got dressed that morning. (NOTE TO SELF: Next time there is a possibility of doing any acrobatic moves while hanging on the tusks of a giant elephant statue- wear some shorts with a little more give!)


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Ashley said...

That move is pretty impressive! ;) Looks like a lot of fun!

Janice said...

Last time I did acrobatic moves on the tusk of a giant elephant statue I was wearing a leotard.