Monday, July 16, 2012

A Muddy Good Time!

 In June Brent and I did a "Mud Run". It was a course about 3.5 miles long with lots of trail running and 18 obstacles. Most of the obstacle involved mud-LOTS of mud, in some form. There were lots of muddy, slippery, steep hills to climb, monkey bars over a mud hole to cross, a 20ft. rope to climb, muddy walls to climb, muddy rivers to swim across, and an ice-water filled pool to swim across to name a few. Sounds fun doesn't it??  It actually was a lot of fun and something we'll probably do again!

Here is our BEFORE picture in front of one of the easiest/cleanest obstacles.

.......and AFTER

Then we got to "bathe" in the river near the finish line.

 This last pic is after our "baths". You can see one of the obstacle behind us. You had to climb over this (slippery, muddy) wall using the attached (slippery,muddy) ropes.

(I wish we had some action shots, but there was really no way to take a camera/phone with us. There were a few of us taken by the event photographers, but none that we wanted to buy for $12.) 

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Janice said...

What have I told you about playing in the mud?