Friday, July 20, 2012


The week of 4th of July our kiddos went home with my parents to Oklahoma to stay a week with them and Brent's parents. We were kid-free for 5 days!! This was the first time really that we've not had the kids when we weren't going anywhere. We weren't sure what to do with ourselves. We figured it out pretty quickly though.

  We went on three "dates"- in ONE week WITHOUT having to pay for a babysitter!!

We went to the mall and just wandered around without chasing anyone around a store, or having to look in the hanging clothes for one of our children, or causing a scene and being afraid we were going to be asked to leave a store!

We ate numerous meals without having to break up a fight, or get up 14 times during the meal,  or bribe/threaten anyone to eat their meal, or pull someone out from underneath the table.

We slept in and slept all night.

I actually scrapbooked for the first time in probably 2 years and got 38 pages done!

One night we went to Top Golf. It was our first time to go and my first time to pick up a golf club in probably 10 years, so no judging my form.

It was actually pretty fun, even if you're not really a golfer.  The balls all have chips in them so you can keep score and even see how far you hit the ball.

They have waiters who come around to your bays and serve you while you're playing. The food was actually pretty good too!

Another night we went to a really nice restaurant in Plano, Seasons 52. I think it's one of my new favorite restaurants.

While we REALLY enjoyed our kid-free week, we REALLY missed the kiddos and were ready to get them back. We met Brent's parents in Norman to pick them up on Saturday. I think they were really glad to see us too, although they probably would have gone back with their grandparents if we had let them!  Hollace did try to convince us to take the boys home and let her go back to OK for another week. Nice try Hollace.
Thanks Nana and Papa and Grammy and Papa for keeping and spoiling them! They had a blast!


Larry said...

You're welcome Hilary, we had a great time too. If they aren't spoiled enough, we would be glad to take another shot at it any time.

Janice said...

Can't wait till next time. We all had fun. Glad you guys did too.