Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!!

Just this last week I finally started feeling like it was Christmas season. Maybe it was because it finally was below 70 degrees here in north Texas for a few day. We've had our decorations up since just after Thanksgiving and I've had most of my shopping done for a few weeks, but it just didn't seem like Christmas yet. Finally though, I am feeling it!

I ordered this a few years ago and now it's one of our favorite things each year. The kids take turns each night opening one of the little doors and adding a piece to the little magnet nativity scene. They are always excited for the Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve.

I don't go over board on Christmas decorations all over the house. Mostly just the mantle, trees, and dining room.

This is the "color coordinated tree" in the living room. I added a little after I took these pictures, but we've had a few ornament casualties this year thanks to Ginger. It's like having a toddler again.

I guess I could have moved that pair of shoes that are on the living room floor before taking the pictures, but they are such a normal part of the scenery, I didn't even notice. I'm actually surprised there is only one pair.
My favorite decoration is still my Willow Tree Nativity.

 The only new things I bought this year were these pretty sparkly reindeer for the buffet in the dining room.

 This is the dining room table centerpiece I bought earlier this year. Who knows what it is???......
I love it and it can be used in so many ways. I just took out the fall flowers and put in the Christmas greenery.

Here's the tree in the study with all the kids' ornaments and even some of mine and Brent's from when we were little. I let the kids do this all on their own.
I love the random combination of tricycles, Santa Clauses, ballerinas, Hannah Montana and Baby Jesus. 

We're finally getting around to doing some fun Christmas family activities too.
The other night we made a gingerbread train and train station.

Here is the finished product. Hollace made the train, Rhett did the train station and Thad was in charge of the gingerbread man/ train conductor.

I thought you might enjoy a close up of Thad's work.

The garland behind us is from Grammy Terri. It's a fun advent/countdown to Christmas that has a fun activity and a scripture and prayer for each night.
The kids of course are doing lots of Christmas/holiday activities at school. The public schools now are really into including all the cultures/religions, etc. Rhett brought this home the other day in his folder. I tossed it aside and didn't think much about it. 

Later that evening, Rhett hollered for me from upstairs. "MOM!...".  "What?" I yelled back. 
"Can we celebrate Hanukkah this year instead of Christmas?"
The thing is they introduce all these other holidays, culture, etc, but don't really explain the meaning of any of them. Including Christmas. I'm sure it's explained as Christmas trees and presents, and Santa Clause.  Rhett has no idea what Hanukkah is other than they celebrate for 8 days. Sounds like just more presents to him.


We had a fun Girls Night Out a few weeks ago here and made these cute "JOY" blocks. 
I thought they turned out so cute.

...and here is my new wreath for my front door I made. I know lots of people probably think it's plain and boring, with not much color, but that is what I tend to prefer and it goes with our stuff.

Can't believe Christmas is next week! Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season!


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Almost makes me want to decorate. NOT. love the gingerbread makings. fun! thanks for the blog, love grammy

Janice said...

Enjoyed the "Tour of Homes" at your house this year! Thanks.