Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I mentioned on a previous post that my little Rhett had qualified with the top 10% of Kindergarteners to be in the school spelling bee. It took place after school last Thursday.
We studied a little, but he would lose interest in studying pretty quickly. We had to review his study list in VERY short increments. He seemed to know most of the words pretty well even before we started studying and I didn't want him to have a bad attitude or feelings toward the spelling bee so I didn't really force him to study.
 He was SOOO cute sitting up there and didn't really seem nervous until other kids got up to spell their work then he would look nervous for them. 

 He did such a good job! and looked so grown up on the stage.

He spelled all his words quickly and with confidence. He didn't seem like he was having to think about them much.

 We were so proud of how well he did and so excited for him when he won 2nd place!!!
 AWESOME job RHETT!! We are SOOOO proud of you!!!

 Brent told him to bite his medal like they do in the Olympics.

Ok, now a funny little random story. 
As we were leaving and walking across the parking lot, this lady was getting into her car and made a comment about how we should take a family picture because we looked so nice. (Not sure about this to start with. Brent looked nice as he had just come from work, but the rest of us were just ok, and Thad actually had sweat pants on). Anyway, I had my camera in my hand and so I said, "actually you could take a quick picture of us if you don't mind". It seems we don't get pictures of all of us together very often because there's never anyone to take one.  The lady said "Sure. I'm actually a photographer!" We started to just back up to a grassy area that was near by and she suggested that we go put our stuff up in our car first. Uhhh,....ok. Then she lead us across the parking lot to an area with some trees and began looking for the ideal place for a photo. It was quickly becoming much more than a quick family snap shot at the spelling bee like I intended.  She began positioning us and moving us to better light, etc. When she finally started taking pictures she just kept shooting and shooting. I was really trying not to laugh. I felt like it was an all out photo session, like I should pay her or something!  She came us close to us and started taking individual close ups!  She was a really nice lady, but it was all pretty funny!

Here's one from the little photo session.
 A close up of our little Spelling Champ.
 They asked the winners of the younger grades to come back later in the evening to the older grades portion, to be introduced.  Here is Rhett with the 1st place winner, his buddy, Andrew.  
They did such a great job!


Dawn Castor said...

Way to go Rhett!

Anonymous said...

Rhett - great job!!! You looked very handsome and all grown up! We're very proud of you! love, grammy & papa

Janice said...

Just can't believe he is old enough to be in a spelling bee! But I must say I'm not surprised at how well he did!