Sunday, December 9, 2012


This Thanksgiving we were planning to have both our families here like we did last year. At the last minute we all, for a variety of logistic reasons, decided it made more sense for us to go back to Oklahoma instead of everyone come here. We had a wonderful dinner at Rick and Terri's on Thanksgiving day and just spent a lot of time with our families. We even braved some Black Friday sales Thursday night.

I was planning on getting some pictures of all the family on our visit.

I took this cute picture of the little ones at the "little kids" table just before dinner. 
(Gunnar, Maggie, Thad, and Margot)

Then I took these two pictures of some of the YUMMY food.

 .........and apparently that's when I got distracted and decided I would rather eat said food than take more pictures, because that's the only ones I ended up with from the whole visit. Pretty sad.

On Saturday we headed home to Texas, leaving in time to make it back for Brent to watch the OU/OSU game, of course.

Grammy and Papa and Nana and Papa followed us home for a quick one night stay because we had something really important going on on Sunday.

Rhett was saved a few weeks ago and was getting baptized Sunday morning at church!  

 Here we are in the baptistry waiting his turn. There were several other little boys getting baptized that morning too. Daddy, Hollace, Thad and the grandparents were watching from down below.
 He was so excited!

He was baptized by Dan Liles, the Children's Pastor at our church, Cottonwood Creek.


 I was so proud and pretty teary-eyed at this point!

What a PERFECT ending to Thanksgiving weekend. Of course we are always so thankful for family, our health, friends, and so many other blessings...But I couldn't be any more thankful than I am for my salvation, the salvation of so many I love and now the salvation of two of my precious kids!!


Anonymous said...

We are all certainly blessed and thankful. Great pictures. Love, grammy

Janice said...

I still get teary eyed at this!