Friday, May 17, 2013

Lots of Tee Ball- Lots and Lots of Tee Ball!

A few more pictures of Thad to add..........

and now on to the Big Brother Tee Ball Player.......

 Here the 6 year olds still play tee ball (instead of coach pitch like he played last fall in McKinney)

 He likes to play his games, but isn't too big on practicing. Whenever Brent tries to practice with him at home he loses interest after a few minutes.
I think as he gets a little older he will see the value of practicing.

 Of course the best part is getting to bat.
He actually hit his first ever HOME RUN right here! 
It was a good hit and an overthrow helped a little bit too. Not out of the park, but still a home run!!
 Sometimes he seems to be in la-la land out in the field and isn't paying much attention at all. Other times he seems really into it and will go from one side of the field to the other to chase after a ball.

Thad loves it when they both have games on the same night because he gets to play a game, then he gets to play on the playground during Rhett's game. If Rhett's game is the last one of the evening (7:50), there is usually an empty field and Thad and some of the other little ones go and run the bases for the whole game! They are nice and worn out afterward. Nice and DIRTY too!

.......and of course there are Icees for the teams after each game. YUM!!!
(This may be their favorite thing about baseball!)


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Janice said...

They are soooo cute in their uniforms!! Hope we get to see a game before long!