Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random Picture Parade: Spring on my iphone

I was going through the pictures on my phone the other day and decided I should put a few on here. They are just some random things from this Spring that haven't been mentioned.

One thing we like about our home here is the MUCH bigger yard. There is also a HUGE driveway. The kids have a good time with the chalk.
 Back in April, Mercy took a charter bus with some docs and administrators to a Little Big Town concert in Fayetteville. I have to admit, when Brent mentioned it, I was like "Little Big Who?..." I'm not a huge country music fan, but hey- it was a free night out at a concert, in the VIP tent, with free food and no kids. So I said sure.

I just found this picture and thought it was funny so I included it. This is Thad's "rock collection" that he has in front of his seat in the van- the little holder thing on the back of the driver's seat.  Every time he finds a "special" rock in a parking lot, he adds it to his collection. This is almost as big as the collection I have on the dryer, of the rocks that have been in his pockets when I do laundry!

This is a pretty good one picture summary of our Spring. This is sort of Grand Central Station at our house. I'm so glad we decided to use this little empty room/closet by the back door as a mud room. It's the landing spot for back packs, baseball uniforms, shoes, lunch boxes, jackets, swim goggles, etc. I should have cleaned it up for the the picture, but this is how it usually looks.

Here are the kids at the Spring carnival/ silent auction at their school. 

They had laser tag in the gym. The boys had a really good time with that.

In April there was a little neighborhood picnic with games, inflatables, a magic show and lots of food. They even had free carriage rides around the neighborhood.

 We went to a birthday party at a local race car track place. I didn't get a good picture of the rest of them because the big cars were further away, but here is Thad getting ready to drive one of the mini cars. He was SO excited!

 One day I had to pick up Rhett from school for a Dr appointment and I took him to lunch afterward. I don't get to spend much time with just him, so it was kind of nice!
Me with my favorite six year old-
 He had his kindergarten music program that night. We didn't have seats where I could get any good pictures during the program, but here is the silly guy outside the PAC afterward.

 One of Hollace's school projects was to make a "float" for the Arkansas parade at their school. The theme could be anything about Arkansas. We decided to do it about famous people from Arkansas-AND we didn't even have to resort to using Bill Clinton!!!

A couple of weeks ago Rhett's t-ball team was down 5 players and they were going to have to forfeit. Thad was there, already in his uniform from his earlier game- so he and the coaches younger son ended up playing on the big boys' team. Thad did a really good job and thought he was pretty big stuff!
(Thad is #14, Rhett is #9).

 It's hard to believe Spring is basically over- ON TO SUMMER!!!


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Good pics! Lots of fun going on!!

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