Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tee UP!

Thad is playing tee ball with the Church League team this spring.  They usually have 2 games a week. With the boys playing on two different teams, we spend a fair amount of time at the baseball field each week.

Thad LOVES being a "baseball player". Notice I didn't say that he LOVES playing baseball. I think he   likes playing baseball, but at this point I think he likes the idea of being a baseball player, more than he enjoys actually playing. He gets so excited about his upcoming games and asks me all kinds of questions each time. "Is there going to be dirt?", "Is it at night", "Are the lights going to be on", "Are they going to use the scoreboard?". When it comes to the actual game, though, he doesn't seem too excited out there. He does a lot a standing and staring. In his defense, there isn't a whole lot of action going on in the field at this age, other than at pitcher and first base.

 Here is some of the standing and staring I mentioned.

 Pretty darn cute standing and staring though.
This is a terrible, blurry picture, but I need to include it because it's only real action shot I got of him in the field. The ball actually came to him in the outfield and he ran it in.

 He loves his turn at bat.

 He made it to base.

I don't think there's much cuter than the little guys in their little uniforms!

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Janice said...

Cutest little stander and starer I've seen!!!