Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tidbit Tuesday

This is just a picture I took one morning before school. She is quite the little fashionista. She LOVES to put her outfits together every day.

He's just been up to his usual silliness.  Something funny he said a couple of weeks ago that I want to remember. We were driving at night and he says, looking up at the full moon "MOM, LOOK- the moon is fully charged!!"  HA! That makes me smile every time I think about it!
 We are really proud of Rhett lately at school. He was Leader of the Month for January, then today I got a note from his teacher saying he was chosen to be on the the student leaders at Leadership Night at the school next week!

We had two really fun days sledding a couple of weeks ago when we had the snow days. I have several pictures I'll post soon.

He went on his first ever hunting trip at the end of January. He went with some guys at work to a place near Salina, KS.  He had a great time!
They had REALLY cold weather while they were there. I think he said it was -5 degrees on day they were out. Then they had snowy, icy roads on the way home. We were so glad to have him home- safe and sound!


Janice said...

Glad he had fun! Did you have to clean the birds before you cooked them? Were they good?

Janice said...

Hollace really has an eye for fashion. You look great, Sweetie Girl!! Love you.

Absolutely LOVE the comment by Thad about the moon being fully charged. That is great! Love you Thaddy!!