Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Reflection

 Sunday was a great day spent with my three amazing blessing who call me mom, my amazing husband, and my wonderful parents.

Hollace had a play for drama club on Friday night (pics will be posted soon) so Nana and Papa came for the weekend.

I am really just at a loss for words about how blessed I feel to be the Mother to these three children. 
I am SO thankful God entrusted me to care for these sweet babies!

....and I could not be any more blessed with the man I have as my partner in parenting!

Me with my Mommy and my baby girl. 
I can't get over how tall and grown up Hollace looks in this picture!:(

I also can't begin to tell how grateful I am for my Mother and Mother in Law- SO thankful for all they did for Brent and I as children, for all that they do now, and for the examples they set for us!

 Nana and Papa left shortly after lunch. 
Then Hollace and her friends across the street had set up a "spa" in our backyard for their mother and me.  It was quite the treat with massages and a foot soak in water with rose petals!

Thad even got a spa treatment!

 Some of the special things the kids made for me! 
I just love getting these each year!

I decided to post pictures of some of these so I don't have to save everything, but can always look back at them.
These two are both from Rhett. I love the last line on the one on the left. It says "As you can see, my mom is special because she made my life."

The one of the right is hard to read, but it says, "My mom is as pretty as a butterfly. She is as sweet and candy. She is as smart as a nerd. But most of all she is as special as God."

This one is from Thad.
Notice the picture he drew of us at the bottom:)

One more from Rhett..... 

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Janice said...

Sorry we had to leave before the spa time. But we had a great weekend.