Thursday, December 11, 2014

October and November Cotillion

Cotillion in October was a "Be a Super Hero" Theme.
We came up with this Wonder Woman costume without having to buy anything!

They did a little dancing practice....

Each one of them had to tell why they chose the hero they dressed up as. It was to teach them how to speak slowly and clearly.
Then they were escorted to their reception.  Those tall boys are actually high school students from the older cotillion group, that help out with the younger group. I think Hollace is actually taller then all but maybe one of the boys is her group.
This is Hollace with Mary Ann the director of Cotillion in Greenwood. She does such a great job.
The 5th graders.

I thought she was a beautiful Wonder Woman!!

In November, Cotillion was a Dinner Dance where they learned dining etiquette. I was actually out of town at tennis State that weekend so Dad had to help get her ready by himself. He even put on a little makeup for her.  Then he texted me the picture of the black scarf on as a shaw and asked if it looked ok  because she would get chilly without something. It was really sweet and he did a great job. Hollace is lucky to have him as a Daddy.

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Janice said...

Hollace is my super hero!