Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thanksgiving School Festivities

For Thanksgiving, the second graders had a "Pie Social". The week before the event. The sweet lady who does the Cotillion for the older kids in Greenwood, came to the school and gave the kids some etiquette lessons. For their Thanksgiving "party", they went to an indoor meeting area at a local park to put their lessons to work.
They were randomly paired with someone in their class and the boys escorted to girls off the bus and into the building.
This is Rhett and his friend, Lauren.

(I forgot my camera, so these are all phone pictures:( )

 Once inside, the boys asked the girls what type of pie they would like then served them before they got their own.

 Rhett was really sweet and did a really great job!!

 After the pie, they got to do some fun line dances they had been learning in PE.
 They had a great time with that!
 Thad's class did a short little program about the pilgrims and Indians and then had a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

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Janice said...

I think it is so great that the kids have the opportunity to learn and practice manners!! Rhett looks so handsome. And I love Thad's pilgrim costume!