Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thad's First Field Trip!

On Halloween day, Thad got to go on his first school field trip.  Al the Kindergarteners rode the buses to Bell Park. They got to play on the playground, then eat a picnic lunch and yummy Halloween treats. 

 After the park they went to a little local Pumpkin Patch that had lots of fun activities for them.

He had a great time with his friends.

He was so excited leading up to this day. Then the night before he started to not be so sure about it. He was afraid he would miss the bus at the park and get left behind. I was so glad that I could be there. It was fun to see him have a good time and I promised him I would watch him get on the bus and not leave until he was on the bus on his way back to school.
  So thankful for this sweet, precious boy!

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Janice said...

Great pics! Love the one with the boys' faces on the pumpkin sign!