Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Birthday Boys

This last weekend was a busy one around our house. On Sunday Rhett turned 2!! We had a family birthday party for him, Brent, who turned the "BIG 3-0" (on Monday), and my Dad, who turned....well he had a birthday too (on Sunday). I meant to take a picture of the three guys together and didn't get it done. Maybe next year.
Here is my sweet boy. I can't believe he is 2.

He was acting so silly and shy while we sang Happy Birthday to him. He is usually not shy at all.

Here is his "Cars" cake I made. I started the tradition of making the kids' cakes with Hollace's first birthday. I am not sure it is worth the effort. It is quite time consuming.

Here is the Birthday Boy blowing out his candles. He got a little help from sister.
He also got a little help opening his gifts.
On Monday Brent and I went out to eat then I surprised him (well that was the intention) by having some people over for cake and ice-cream.
Thanks to everyone who came and helped out! (I still say the door was unlocked, guys!)
Here is his YUMMMYY! cake. I did not make this one. A friend's sister makes them and they are wonderful!
**On a side note Monday was also our 7th anniversary. (Yes, we got married on Brent's birthday.) We are going to visit my sister in Broken Arrow this weekend and are going to go out to a nice restaurant in Tulsa while we are there to celebrate.


Tisha said...

Are you tryig to say there are no "nice" restraunts in Woodward? I would have to agree!! Have fun in Tulsa.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday to the men in your life and also Happy Anniversary! I will be in Owasso this weekend and I plan on hitting IHOP - I love it but it probably doesn't qualify as a "Nice" restaurant :)

Kara said...

I have a feeling our September will turn out like your August! Caden's birthday on Aug. 29th, Cory's on the 10th, his mom's on the 11th, Cole coming hopefully around then...craziness!

Have a great time in Tulsa - I hear you about restaurants. We didn't go anywhere on our anniversary, because I didn't want to eat anything here! Have fun!

Ashley said...

Happy Ann. I hope you have fun in Tulsa I'm leaving for there today Can't wait for the food either! Drive safe.

Leslie said...

What a good job you did on your sons cake! I made them for a few years for my kids too, they are a lot of work, luckily they grow out of the shaped ones pretty quickly. Happy anniversary!