Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas 09 in Oklahoma

We made our trip to Oklahoma as planned the day after Christmas. We made it in one stretch of just over 12 hours. This was great time. We just missed the snow storm and the horrible traveling conditions. The kids were really good. We just stopped for gas, ran to the potty and ate in the car.

We had Christmas with my parents, Sydnie, Jeremy and Margot on Sunday evening. We celebrated with Brent's fam on Monday evening.

Rhett was so excited that the biggest present was for him. It was a"Cars" bean-bag from Aunt Sydnie. **Some family members must not have gotten the memo-reminder that we had to take all our gifts back 800 miles in our vehicle. J/K!

My mom made these aprons. Aren't they cute? Mine and Hollace's match and Sydnie's and Margot's match. Yes, she made an apron for Margot. So cute. She even made one for Hollace's doll.

Rhett got this "Cars" chair from Grammy and Papa Hubbard. He was playing his Cars Wi game, from Nana and Papa, and literally "fell asleep at the wheel". It was too funny.

Here are the kids with their cousin Gunnar opening presents at Brent's parents.

Just thought this was a cute picture. There aren't many of Thad on his first Christmas.


Leslie said...

Great pics! Really love those aprons.

Janice said...

Love the post! Miss you all so much!

Dawn said...

adorable pictures! I'll bet you were snug on your way home with all that loot! Love the aprons!